Having a professional website made can be a substantial investment for any business. Yet we all know the importance of an online presence and the significant impact a website can have on a business’ success. At Doets Design we understand this dilemma and want to facilitate businesses of all stages and sizes. We are pleased to announce we can now do this through our unique Affordable & Professional package.

For just £350 we will create a dynamic and fully customised one-page website which caters to your business’ needs, providing a professional online presence without maxing out your budget.

Besides affordability, another great thing our A&P package offers is that as your business grows you will always have the possibility of expanding your website without having to start from scratch. No silly pop-ups or “this free website is brought to you by” tagged all over your page, no more struggling with technical troubles, no more stress trying to figure out “all that behind-the-scenes stuff”…

Affordable, professional, room to grow…
And all provided by our friendly, helpful and personal service. Just a great website at a great price which offers freedom, flexibility and a professional online presence.

Not only that… Registering your domain name and 3 months of free webhosting (worth £25) is also included in the price.


When you sign up for one of our Affordable & Professional websites, these are some of the features that are included in the package:

• A fully customisable one-page website: This will include several modules in which you can provide information about your business or organisation, including your logo and tag line. Plenty of space for your desired images and text. A google maps function and a contact form.

• Domain name registration: The package includes a 1-year registration of one domain name. Other extensions (eg .com or .org) may require a surcharge. Please contact us for a list of domain name extension prices.

• Hosting: 3-months of hosting is included in the package. If you wish to transfer to a different host after this time, please inform us a minimum of 2-weeks in advance. The price of continued hosting with Doets Design starts at £4.00/month which will be charged on a yearly basis.

• Maintenance: We will update, fully secure and maintain the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of your website for a 3-month period. The content is naturally up to you to edit/add as desired but we will be on hand should you run into any challenges during this time. We will provide you access to our DIY manual in order to self-maintain/manage your website after the 3-month period. Alternatively you may like to leave that side of things up to us and choose one of our maintenance options (see our Maintenance Page for more information).

• Security: We will install ‘plugins’ to monitor the security of your website, keeping mallbots and hackers out.

• S.E.O.: The website will be optimised for search engine indexing so that your website can easily be found.

• Google Analytics: We will also link your site to a new Google Analytics account so you can keep track of the traffic visiting your site.


The Affordable & Professional Package provides you with the freedom to expand or add to your website as your business grows or changes. Certain elements and features can be added or expanded upon at an additional cost. If you have any specific wishes, please let us know so we can advise you on the possibilities. Extra features can be requested through our application form or at any time after the website has been launched. Among others, these features include:

• Additional pages: The A&P website is set up as a one-page site. As your business grows you might find you want to expand the site with more pages.

• Extended Google Maps:The Google Maps function can be adjusted to fit the style of your website when it comes to colour. We can also expand functionality like directions, clustered- and listed markers, store locators, embedded video and heat maps.

• Extended contact form: The contact form can be adapted to include more specific or detailed questions with different types of fields. These include radio- and checkmark buttons, upload fields, e-commerce fields, coupons, poling fields, as well as links to Dropbox, Mailchimp, PayPal and other external services.

• Image slider: Showcase your portfolio or projects in a customisable image slider.

• Image gallery: Display any sized collection of images in an image gallery. Various styles and options are available.

• Mailing list: Add a sign-up field that links to an external mailing list database.1

• Blog: This links in with the additional pages option. Share your musings or latest news by adding blog-functionality to your website.

• Webshop: Sell products from your website with an integrated e-commerce setup.


Please use the form below to send us the information we need to start building your new A&P website. The more information we have the sooner we can get you and your business online.

The following image can be used as a layout guide. Refer to the module numbers when sending your website content.