At Doets Design we offer reliable web-hosting to compliment your new website. Hosting costs will depend on the size of your website, the types of features it includes and the amount of traffic. If you would like us to host your website, please let us know through our Project Planner. We can also arrange the registration of your domain name.


If you wish to publish a website, you need space on an online server, just like files on a computer need a hard drive or storage disk to run. Hosting a website means you’re allocated space on the hard drive of a server. The name says it all. Your website will be our guest and we will be the host. The beginning of a beautiful friendship.


At Doets Design we understand that operating a server system is a full time job. In order to avoid downtime of your website one has to be on their toes constantly. This is why we choose to work together with the servers run by Oxilion in the Netherlands, and DreamScape Networks in the UK, leaving us time to focus on perfecting your site.

Our hosting services are limited to our website clientele.
If you need advice on hosting partners, please contact us via our contact form.