We are green designers


When it comes to your business and our own, we pride ourselves in being eco- and socially conscious. We believe firmly that these traits make us better at what we do and enable us to offer you, and your business, more.

• We support green-minded businesses, organisations, and individuals
We believe that green-minded businesses should support each other and at Doets Design we endeavor to do so. We are always willing to offer advice on how your project can be most eco-friendly and we offer a fixed discount on web- and graphic assignments which match our ‘green’ criteria.

• We work with “green” web hosts
If you choose Doets Design to manage your hosting, your website will be running on eco-friendly servers. One of the main factors in choosing the web hosts we work with is that they have a CO2 emissions offset plan in place, be it by using only sustainable green energy sources, or by offsetting their carbon emissions via a tree planting program.

• We work with “green” printing companies
Graphic design and print are often tied together and when it comes to choosing the right printing company for your projects we are here to help. When an assignment needs printing we always choose professional printing companies who are responsible, ecologically aware and pro-active in their attitude towards protecting our planet.

• We generate our own power
We use solar panels to generate the electricity to power our computers, run our energy efficient lights, and to make our coffee of course.

• We walk, use public transport, or ride our e-bikes to get to meetings
Coming from The Netherlands, we naturally love cheese, windmills, tulips, and bicycles. The hills of Devon were initially a challenge, but now with e-bikes (and public transport) we can do without a car.

• We use eco-friendly office supplies
Where possible we try to keep our office as eco friendly as possible. The paper we use is from FSC and recycled sources and we use refillable printing inks.

• We grow our own lunch
Even though Doets Design takes up a large part of our daily life, it doesn’t stop there. We are both avid gardeners and have turned our home garden into an edible one. Almost every plant, with exception of the grass on the lawn, is edible and we often enjoy our lunch and smoothies made from the fresh organic produce picked just a skip and a hop from our office door.

• Recycling and composting
Because of our love for gardening we need a good supply of compost to keep our plants (and our lunch) healthy. Nothing is wasted here. Office wastepaper and fruit and veggie scraps feed our worms and compost bin.


From our humble beginnings we have always had an affinity with organisations and individuals that promote sustainable and social enterprise. Our work for NGO’s like Greenpeace, EAZA and Global Green Communication, as well as foundations like Haarlem Greener and The Wildlifelines Foundation are a testament to this. Even our choice of internet hosting we use for our clients is also largely based on their dedication to minimising their carbon footprint.

At Doets Design we promote green enterprises as well as green non-profit organisations by offering a 15% discount on any website- or graphics assignment. We focus on organisations that work in poverty relief, education, social and community welfare and nature/environmental issues. We are of course not limited to these categories, so organisations that work in other fields are welcome to apply as well. To help us assess whether or not your business is eligible for our green discount, please fill in our “Get A Quote” form and select the option “I am a Green Business”.